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Tell Brooklyn DA Rescind the Fraudulent Deed on Slave I Theater And Save Historic Landmark

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The Fulton Halsey Development Group (Fulton Halsey) is quickly moving forward on its fraudulent deed, signed by a dead man in 2011, to demolish the Slave I Theater and convert this vital Civil Rights monument of Black history into luxury condos.

Fulton Halsey currently has bulldozers on the Slave I property and has construction men working without permits. Recently, Fulton Halsey transferred its fraudulent deed to the Fulton Halsey Holdings for $18 million dollars in order to begin demolition of this historic landmark.

The Children of Slaves & Patriots (TCOSAP) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to heal and restore the families, communities and culture of people of African descent and to play an activist role on behalf of individuals in this group that have been treated unjustly. Currently, two of our initiatives are to restore the name and legacy of John L. Phillips Jr., a former black supreme civil court judge who served seventeen years on the bench and to reclaim two prominent and historic institutions, Slave I and Slave II (a.k.a. The Black Lady) Theaters, founded by him, that serve as a symbol and a monument for the Civil Rights Movement in New York City, during the 1980s.

The Slave theaters were historically used as think tanks for activists like Al Sharpton and Cornell West. Ironically, although Phillips built a platform where blacks could have a voice and fight for their civil rights, he died a voiceless victim whose civil rights were violated in a heinous way.

Help give Phillips a voice in his death to restore his name, legacy and a piece of Black history that must not be reduced to condos, but preserved for our generation and those to come.

Please sign our petition, requesting the Brooklyn District Attorney, Kenneth Thompson, to take immediate action to strike the Fulton Halsey Development Group LLC and Fulton Halsey Holdings deeds and vacate all sales. We also ask for an immediate injunction to stop all work on the Slave I Theater and all the properties that are attached to it. Additionally, we ask that all UCC liens attached to the property by the Fulton Halsey Development Group LLC and its affiliates be voided and deemed invalid.


Phillips and these indispensable institutions have been at the epicenter of political scandal and corruptions since 2001, when Phillips announced his run for the Brooklyn District Attorney seat against the then incumbent, Charles Hynes. Phillips was a viable candidate to defeat Hynes and to become the first black district attorney for Brooklyn.

The Hynes administration responded to this threat by filing a secret petition deeming Phillips temporarily mentally incompetent, even though an independent evaluation revealed that he showed no signs of dementia, scoring 27 out of 30 on a mental health examination.

The horrid conspiracy among judges, lawyers and elected officials ensued, complicitly making Phillips ward of the state and appointing a cadre of unethical guardians that would later siphon off his entire estate. One of Phillips’ guardians, Frank Livoti, was the same individual responsible for filing the initial petition to deem him mentally incompetent.

Moreover, Phillips was held hostage at a series of unlicensed assisted living facilities that were ordered by the court to prohibit him from leaving the premises and to wear a GPS device at all times. Phillips was also held against his will at Emani Taylor’s (a former guardian and unethical lawyer who has since been disbarred for stealing over a million dollars from Phillips’ estate) mother’s house. This unlawful detainment occurred while multiple individuals illegally sold hundreds of Phillips’ properties.

During the active plundering of Phillips properties, the Slave theaters also became targets for sale. However, Phillips transferred both properties into a private corporation, J.J. Real Estate back in 1999. So, Taylor motioned the court to vacate the 1999 sale because Phillips was deemed “mentally incompetent in 2001, therefore, he was probably “mentally incompetent in 1999 when he made the transfer. Her petition was granted but proper documentation was not submitted in the court that caused a break in the deed transfer.

Later in 2011, three years after Phillips’ death, Reverend Samuel Boykin illegally transferred the Slave theaters into Phillips’ name as if he were still alive to purchase the property. Boykins then transferred the fraudulent deeds to The Fulton Halsey Group LLC and Citadel City of Praise. The Honorable Judge Johnson vacated the sale and revoked Boykin’s letters of administration in January 2015 due to Boykin’s improprieties within the Phillips estate and missing funds, totaling over two million dollars. Despite the court ordered revocation of Boykin’s letters of administration in January 2015, he continued his fraudulent activity in August 2015 by signing the Fulton Halsey Development Group LLC correction deed on the Slave I Theater. 


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