Ringling Brothers Circus abuses the aniamls they use.And we PAY for this!  I was doing a research project on animal testing last year for school and came across this gruesome information that I will never forget. This company lies about their mistreatment of their animals, but do not be fooled. There is a reason why normal animals cannot perform these complex tricks. They are beaten and attacked by the "trainers". Elephants are also an endangered species and so are tigers which are the main animals they use in their shows. We need to end this crime. If you sign this petition you will save the animals who are forced to be mute. Be their voices! With your help we can stop animal abuse and the lies for good and finally properly punish those who are responsible. Before you take pity  on the multi-million dollar company please remember there are even MORE successful circuses WITHOUT animals such as Cirque de Solei.  Every signature makes a difference. In addition to signing this and sharing it with your friends and family, please spread the word to your community and boycott the circus. As a child, I loved the circus, just like any other kid would. But now that I know the truth I will never ever even think about going to another Ringling Brothers or Big Apple circus show. Please sign this not for me, but for the innocent animals who are trapped and abused against their will. They are scared, and right now, so am I.

Letter to
Ringling Brothers Kenneth Jeffrey Feld
End the killing and abuse to innocent animals just for profit now! We are sick and tired of the disasters in every news article and horror they have unleashed. Circus owners such as the Ringling Bros. are sick and disgusting individuals. We are ending the silence once and for all. I will not stop until justice is served and every single person responsible is put away for good, where they belong. Your money will not protect you anymore. Save the animals and be their voice! By not doing anything, we endanger animals who are growing more and more extinct every day. The only reason this company is still alive is their money-- and that is unacceptable. I can't take it anymore and I refuse to "live" this way. Stop the oppression. You think you can get away with this but you can't. Quit hiding behind your wealth--it won't be there forever, we promise you that.

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