Change the registration on all non standard coloured pedigree dogs.

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Dear Breeder, Exhibitor , Judge
We as breeders, judges and exhibitors of Breed Standard Coloured Dogs are concerned by the huge number of Non Breed Standard Coloured puppies that are being bred and registered.
The situation is out of control. We as breeders, exhibitors and judges of all affected, and breeds that will be affected in the future, should approach the Kennel Club together, to find a solution that will maintain the standards, that are owned by the KC, to keep our dogs pure and of excellent quality.
There are several approaches that we could take, if you look at this information from The Irish Kennel Club, this is one suggestion.

Main Register : Full Pedigree, IKC Certified, Can be bred from and certified

Limited Register. Full Pedigree. IKC Certified , Cannot be bred from , Not for export

Pet Register. Non Pedigree . IKC Certified/ Non Pedigree

All non standard dogs automatically go onto limited register

Another idea is a separate register as the Non Breed Standard colours are intentionally bred against the standards , which are owned by The Kennel Club, so it would seem ludicrous that The Kennel Club give them the same registration rights when the breed standards call them ‘ highly undesirable’
The main point is that there is intent to purposely breed against the standard.

Separate classification will mean that the KC still register the dogs ,but not with Bulldogs

Please sign the petition to open discussion with The Kennel Club to change the way non standard dogs of all breeds, are registered.