Remove Child Predator; Gassy Jack

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In the age of the #MeToo era, we have to shine a light on a statue of a PEDOPHILE—John Deighton, (Gassy Jack) which stands in Gastown, Vancouver.  Gastown is also named after this CHILD PREDATOR.

This 40 year-old man bought and forcefully married a 12 year-old Native Squamish girl, Quahail-ya. According to Squamish history, the 12 year-old Aboriginal girl eventually escaped her captor at the age of 15.     Quahail-ya is an inspiration to all woman, especially Native women who have suffered from abuse in their lives.

Why is there a statue standing of a CHILD PREDATOR and how is this acceptable in any civilized nation? Gassy Jack being memorialized in this day and age is an abhorrent example of the ongoing oppression of First Nation’s people and the marginalization of the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.