Lifting the ban on Pitbulls as pets in Greater Vancouver

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Help fight the unfair stigma surrounding pitbulls by signing a petition focused on lifting the ban on pitbulls as pets. All throughout different areas of Canada and Vancouver there are bans in place preventing pitbulls to be owned as pets. These bans allow for the stigma and fear surrounding pitbulls to keep growing and reinforces the false idea that pitbulls are an inherently dangerous breed of dog. As a result of these bans further negatively impacting pitbulls and their reputation, this breed of dog is now more likely to end up in shelters, they are more likely to not be chosen from shelters and if they are chosen from shelters are more likely to end up in the hands of an abusive owner. 

It's these sad realities that help to fuel a never-ending circle of prejudice, biases, abuse and violence against pitbulls. In fact there is so much stigma surrounding pitbulls that they are often bought by owners only looking for a more aggressive breed of dog so that they can act as guard dogs or so that they can be trained to behave aggressively. What a lot of people tend to overlook when it comes to the pitbulls and a number of other breeds is that not all dogs of a certain breed are born aggressive. But typically the most important factor in determining a dogs behavior and aggression levels is the owner themselves. How a dog is raised, trained and socialized will have a huge impact on their friendliness and attitude towards others.

Pitbulls are a greatly misunderstood breed of dog, with lots of myths and false truths surrounding them. It's because of these unfortunate beliefs that these bans on having pitbulls as pets are still in place in different areas across Canada and throughout parts of the lower mainland. If you agree that pitbulls are equally deserving of a loving home and a chance at a happy life as any other breed of dog, please sign the petition and help spread the word!