KenTon School District Address Chosen Hybrid Learning Model

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KenTon School District provided a survey to parents, students and the community for input on fall school reopening plans amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Part of this survey specifically addressed hybrid learning models. Survey results showed that the overwhelming majority of those who took the survey supported a 2 day hybrid model (24% strongly supported and 33% somewhat supported) as opposed to a daily model (13% strongly supported, 30% somewhat supported) or a weekly model (12% strongly supported, 22% somewhat supported).

On July 31st, the KenTon School District unveiled it's plans with a daily hybrid model, alternating school every other day for students. This particular model was not an option, or clearly written in the survey. It is the feeling of a large majority of the community that this is the least effective model. 

  • Does not provide adequate time for cleaning of the school buildings on a daily basis.
  • Has the most risk associated with spread of COVID-19.
  • Is the most difficult of hybrid schedules to manage for working parents while also supporting their students.
  • Alternating days each week causes confusion and a lack of consistency for students, families and teachers. This is especially a concern with winter and potential snow days.

We are asking that the KenTon School district reevaluate this hybrid learning model with more input from families and the community.