My Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes:Rising screening in India

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As we all know weathering with you was launched in India.....I think all anime movies also should start launching in India.So this movie is also great which will attract many more audience towards  anime industry.

To all anime fans out there the rise of popularity of anime in India has increased exponentially in passed few years so today the time has come for anime movies to be released in India as well because the cult following is incredibly remarkable.

There is a handful of community in India that enjoy watching anime films and shows and with that comes the question of piracy. We all want to be patriots and stop this by legally watching the film. I understand that most Indian audience have different taste but we must be open and accept other different ideals and opinions.

Get this petition to the distributor's attention as I want to join a screening and so do people who appreciate art. I hope people who are in international film releasing understand this concern.