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In Japan, for six months of every year, thousands of dolphins are hunted and chased into a cove known as the "floating graveyard" near the village of Taiji. Once entrapped in this cove, the dolphins are brutally slaughtered. The water runs red with their blood and their screams fill the air and the surrounding ocean. As horrible as this sounds, you cannot begin to imagine the true horror of it, until you see and hear it for yourself… Here is a video that captures these horrific acts of cruelty.


Letter to
Kenichiro Sasae, Japanese Ambassador to the United States
Dear Mr Kenichiro Sasae,

Around the world, September signals the start of school... school buses, children with new trainers, lunch boxes and sharpened pencils...

In the small coastal town of Taiji, Japan, September signals the start of something more sinister... The annual slaughter of thousands of dolphins and porpoises.

These dolphins are brutally killed each year in an area described as The Cove ~ this is the location where the brutal killers of the Taiji Fisheries Union attempt to conceal their savagery behind blue tarps.

The fishermen begin by corralling the dolphins into The Cove using a method which involves a number of poles positioned in the water, pounded upon with a hammer, so that it echoes underwater and terrifies the dolphins into a panic. They then circle the pod of dolphins and injure a few captives by thrusting a spear deep into their bodies or slashing them with machetes to retain the group, as dolphins will never abandon an injured family member.

Instantly the sea is blood red after knives and hooks have all played a vital part in slaughtering each of the dolphins. The slaughter method includes, severing the spine, this is an incredibly inhumane way of fishing.

On viewing "The Cove" and various documentary evidence, the terrified dolphins scream as they are systematically and brutally bludgeoned to death. Dolphin calves swim in their mothers' blood.

As a result of this atrocity, Japanese consumers are being sold dolphin meat, containing dangerously high levels of mercury, often labeled as whale meat to attract a higher price in Japan. We know, from Japanese scientists, that dolphins and small whales are heavily contaminated by mercury. No one should be eating meat from dolphins and small whales. It is eaten in a 'sukuyaki' pot, or as raw sashimi.

Yet the Japanese government, fully aware of the dangers of mercury contamination, seem to want to ignore this problem and allow mercury-poisoned dolphin and whale meat to be sold in markets. Japanese consumers are exposed to danger but not warned.

Mercury is the second most toxic poison in the world, second only to plutonium. Mercury attacks the brain and the nervous system, causing horrible damage to eyesight, hearing, and motor-skills, as well as interfering with memory and thought processes leading to dementia. It further attacks foetuses in pregnant women, causing terrible life-long brain damage. Mercury kills.

In Minamata, Japan, poisonous mercury dumped from a factory into Minamata Bay caused severe poisoning of tens of thousands of people in the 1950’s and 60’s and resulted in a whole generation of seriously compromised children. Japanese scientists have told me that the levels of mercury in dolphin meat are higher than the levels they have seen in the fish of Minamata Bay that caused the so-called “Minamata disease”. But it is not a disease – “Minamata disease” is poisoning caused by too much mercury in the human body.

Dolphins and small whales are at the top of the food chain in the ocean. As such, they concentrate pollutants in their meat. Mercury enters the ocean from a variety of sources, especially from the atmosphere, as coal-fired power plants emit tons of mercury into the air. As organisms absorb mercury in the ocean, it gets more and more concentrated the higher up the food chain one examines.

Regarding this abysmal annual event, it is also tragic and unacceptable that the remaining dolphins that are not slaughtered alive will end up destined for death in an aquarium, water park, or "swim with dolphins" program after witnessing the murder of their families.

In recent news, researchers in the US have found that even after 20 years of separation, dolphins could recall the whistles of former companions. The authors believe that these long-term memories are a product of the complex social connections that dolphins have evolved.

Did you know that whales and dolphins swim long distances each day, sometimes in a straight line for 100 miles?

And how large is the average tank in a zoo or aquarium?

Dolphins are self-aware and capable of abstract thinking. When captured from the wild, they are ripped violently and traumatically from their social units. Japan’s drive fishery is a particularly cruel example, in which many dolphins are slaughtered alongside the so-called “lucky” ones, who are sold to dolphin display facilities.

The world is the witness to the senseless killing and captivity of some of natures most beautiful and intelligent creatures.

I ask that you urge the Japanese government to permanently and immediately renounce and stop this slaughter and revoke permits that allow Japan's Fisheries Agency to continue this heinous, dangerous and illegal practice. And, to finally encourage a ban on the use of these intellectual animals for our entertainment.


Please. The dolphins don't deserve this.

Thank you for your time.

People, internationally.

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