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Tell Maple Leaf Foods to Stop Torturing Chicks

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Thrown. Dropped. Scalded to death. And ground up alive. These are the shocking abuses of baby chicks I documented while working undercover for Mercy For Animals Canada at a Maple Leaf chicken hatchery in Ontario.

At Maple Leaf, I saw baby birds flung by their fragile wings and slammed into metal dividers; live chicks sent through an industrial washing machine, scalded, and drowned; and chicks overloaded and roughly crammed into macerators to be ground up alive. Treated like mere meat-producing machines, these sensitive and intelligent animals were subjected to horrors few of us can even imagine.

This has got to stop.

Please join me in calling on Maple Leaf Foods to immediately establish meaningful animal welfare guidelines for its hatcheries and factory farm facilities, including:

• Preventing baby chicks from being dropped, thrown, crushed, or otherwise mishandled and injured by workers or machinery

• Creating a zero-tolerance policy for scalding live birds in industrial washing machines

• Requiring the installation of video monitoring systems, live-streamed to the internet, in all its facilities in order to help prevent abuse

Chicks are every bit as capable of experiencing pain and suffering as dogs and cats. As a civilized society, it's our moral obligation to protect all animals, including chickens, from needless cruelty and violence. 

Maple Leaf was responsive to our last petition. Last month, MFA Canada exposed horrific abuse at Maple Leaf's turkey supplier, Hybrid Turkeys. Maple Leaf said they were “disturbed” by our footage and would start conducting unannounced audits at Hybrid's facilities. This time though, the cruelty is happening at their own facility.

Please sign my petition asking Maple Leaf to do the right thing.

Thank you,


MFA Canada Undercover Investigator

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