This Vet KILLED my dog

This Vet KILLED my dog

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Haru Moon started this petition to Kempton veterinary hospital

On the 10th of August my mom and I took my seven year old dog to this vet for emergency care. She was skinny and didn't want to eat and we were worried about her. My mom just started a new job and would only get paid at the end of the month but she said that she would pay her whole salary to help her. They laughed in our faces, the vet actually laughed. They sent us home without helping my doggy at all.

The next morning when I woke up, sadly she had passed away. All because this vet wouldn't help her.
All they cared about are themselves and money, they don't care about the animals and they don't take peoples circumstances in consideration.

This is not the first time something like this has happened at this vet because of their lack of compassion and sympathy. Many other people have lost their pets because of them and paid a ton of money for no help at all. Just look at some of these bad reviews on google:

"If your dog is sick and need to be admitted, make sure that you have R3500 to pay or you won't be helped. So disappointed �" 

"This vet cares more about taking your money than healing your pet...Having a family member take a pet here and was disappointed by the attitude of the vet, then having seen the "real" reviews get buried by positive reviews... I thought I should point out that in this day and age of social media, it doesn't pay to be sarky and snotty with your clients."

"Took my puppy there. Tersius is very good and helpful, but his efforts to improve the general image of the vet is absolutely ruined by Tinus. We have been paying our bill off during the duration of our pets stay, but he refuses to help us as we have not paid the bill completely up to date. His words to me were, "we have over R20000 debts and we will not incur more costs with those who do not have money." What sort of an attitude is that when you have a puppy that they want to put down due to it's condition instead of assisting her in her time of need."

"Its all about money and not about the sickness off the pet, the dog died all because they didnt want to help. Just want to make money out off a person ."

"Terrible, wrong diagnoses - my pup died a few days later from incorrect treatment :( and then still had to pay HUGE account! Will never recommend to anyone :(" 

"My cat went walking on our pavement as cats tend to do and was attacked by loose dogs in the neighborhood. We got rid of the dogs and caught our cat and cleaned him up gently to see the extent of the damage because he had messed himself during the whole ordeal. We got him warm and called around to vets. This vet was the only open vet and so we drove to them having never been there before. When we got there and sat down, we took a look at our guy and unfortunately our cat had passed already. We told the receptionist that we didn't need to see the vet because our cat had passed on already. The vet came out and insisted on seeing the cat and I told him the cat was gone but he said no he wants to take a look quickly and I repeated that it wasnt necessary because the cat was dead and he grabbed the container from me and went to the rooms while my son and I followed telling him the cat was gone. He took him out of the container we had him in and unwrapped him while I kept repeating that Talon was already gone and then he said "unfortunately he is dead, I'll just charge you half of the consultation fee. Would you like to pay for us to dispose of the body?" - I was in such shock and my family and I were all in tears and I couldn't believe that this man, after I already told him the cat was dead, would charge me R300 so that he could tell me that our cat was gone. We werent even in there for 3 minutes and were bawling our eyes out the entire time. He even followed me to reception to tell her to put half price through for the consultation just in case I didn't pay. I was in shock and just paid automatically but honestly, it's been 11 months now and anyone that I've spoken to about this pathetic excuse for a vet has a similar story of shocking interest solely in the cash but lack of interest or care for the people and their animals and I decided that I have an obligation to actually rate them and be honest about their treatment of us. My son is so over vets just based on that experience."

All these comments and more are on the Google reviews there are also some on hellopeter. 

Please don't support a vet that's greedy and heartless because that's what Kempton Veterinary Hospital is.

Thank you for your support and signing this petition to stop their neglect of animals and their well being for good. 

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