Please help save your TacoTime, Dilworth Shopping Centre, Kelowna.

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Is a cup of coffee worth 40 years of Tacos? Please save our TacoTime.

You have the power to keep this local business in its location that has served your community for over 40 years.

We not asking much. Just a few minutes to explain our plight and offer up a chance to help preserve a local business who has given so much back to the community it serves.

40 years in business at the same location and then forced out.

Never missed a lease payment and always been a great tenant. But overnight there was a demolition clause in the lease that the property management company is trying to enforce. So what does that mean? Well for someone who has been in that location for 40 years it means get out so they can tear down the building and replace it with a proposed StarBucks.

Legally speaking or morally right?

Well like any situation involving lawyers who knows. But we do know that monetarily only the lawyers win here. But that is not the fight that needs fighting. Good tenants and proud loyal supporters of the community shouldn’t have to be faced with these dilemmas. If you’ve been to this TacoTime you know us for a great taco and just as good service. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and even prouder of where we are. It’s a local franchise, not some giant conglomerate. The money stays in the community. Some of you may have even had your first jobs here. And to some, it’s a regular habit made comfortable.

Keep us here.

Please sign and add your voice to a growing list of people from our community who like having us around. Will it force the issue? Maybe not, but at least you can have a say in what happens in your community. After all, isn’t 40 years of longtime loyalty worth anything anymore?

We paid our dues in rent, taxes and more than enough blood sweat and tears to survive. Longstanding businesses deserve more than a pat on the back and a kick in the butt from corporations that aren’t part of your community.

If you care about what happens in your community please sign and share today.

Who knows, you may be next.

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