Confirmed victory
Petitioning New England College Michele Perkins

Kelly Ayotte should not be honored at the 2013 commencement

This petition is important because Kelly Ayotte does not represent our diverse community. She is a supporter of homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, and sexist policies. The New England College mission statement specifically states the following "inquiry into and the pursuit of social justice; ethical and responsible citizenship" as qualities and values that our community aims to exemplify. Kelly Ayotte consistently represents the exact opposite and to honor her with a medal or degree is contradictory to our school mission.

she wants to deny women the right to choose, she wants to overturn the rule that requires insurance companies to cover birth control, she wants to deny the gay community the right to marry, she is against gay couples having the right to adopt, she is a supporter of DOMA, She questions human involvement in climate change, and she most recently voted against expanded background checks on people purchasing firearms.

This woman should not be the lead voice for the class of 2013 and she certainly should not recieve an honor. Myself and many others have struggled and fought to get to where we are and to invite someone like her without input from our class is wrong.

Letter to
New England College Michele Perkins
The class of 2013 and our NEC community are full of diversity in beliefs and appearance. We are supportive of difference, but are also pursuing social justice. This petition is not about republicans and democrats, it is about students and faculty who agree that Kelly Ayotte does not exemplify our higher education mission statement. To honor someone with a medal and/or degree who contradicts our very own values system at this school is wrong. We have come together to change this and to make sure that in future years only the most deserving receive this recognition.