Let Girls Wear White At Kelloggsville Graduation !

Let Girls Wear White At Kelloggsville Graduation !

November 5, 2020
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Started by Jazmine McCaleb

Attention Kelloggsville, this message is presented to you by your class of 2021 female student body. There's been a huge issue going on in the high school, and we want to bring it to your attention! Recently Kelloggsville has made the decision to go against the traditional way and make all students were navy cap and gowns without asking the current or future student body for their opinions. As groups begun to come together, we realized that we needed to push to return the caps and gowns back to the traditional way. I have reached out to many female seniors and here's some things that they had to say.

  • "They never ask for our output even though we are the students of the school, they don't know how that affects us. But when they do ask for our opinions it seems as if it never gets put into consideration when making the decision" ~ Camilla Casado
  • " Growing up I got to see photos and watch three Kelloggsville female graduates that I look up to walk across the stage in white gowns, and I just couldn't wait to be included in that statement. Without having white gowns that has been stripped from me." ~ Angelina Lopez
  • "Personally I wouldn't want to spend money on something that I don't want to buy. I've been looking forward to wearing white gowns." ~ Emilianna Cardenas
  • "I feel like this year and last year, the principals and faculty don't care about the students or our feelings. Not letting us have the white graduation gowns is taking one more thing away from us. We're already missing out on so much for our senior year, why can't we wear the gowns we want?" ~ Gloria Brigance
  • "I personally feel like our principals don't show much empathy towards the seniors this year; they may say how 'bad' they feel about our situation, but their actions haven't matched. When we speak out, nothing happens. When we work to get thousands of signatures petitioning an issue, our opinion gets disregarded. The first time I attended Kelloggsville's graduation, I was excited to  plan on wearing our white cap and gowns. I honestly feel like the seniors should at the least have more time to purchase a gown; less than two weeks was very stressful for me. Due to COVID-19, I lost my senior year; with these circumstances, my senior year is much more difficult to be motivated and excited to end off my senior year on a good note." -Hailey Christopher
  • "Students should have a say in what changes about such an important part of their highschool careers. Many students work their whole lives to be the first in their family to graduate, and see it as a major milestone in life. The white gowns for women at Kelloggsville has been a long tradition that has been overturned with no reason given to the students who have looked forward to it since a young age. Many of the females in our class have older siblings that graduated in white, and our students should have that same option. Due to COVID-19, our class has already lost a lot. Only time may tell, but we may not even have graduation. They shouldn't have to lose this as well. Give our women their own choice." - Brodie DeLaRosa
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Signatures: 550Next Goal: 1,000
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