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Stop selling Kelloggs Krave Choco Roulette and gambling-related marketing.

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Please help stop Kellogg's blatant gambling promotion to young people, by challenging it's decision to make a bandit style cereal box graphics along with a highly animated gambling style advert on television.

We urge folks to think deeper and ask... is this marketing going to far?? Many people believe from studies that children likely to grow up with this imagery around are more likely to gamble. We believe this to be an unethical marketing decision and something which we or concerned about.

Gambling addiction does not only harm the addict but has severe consequences for families, friends and the wider community. We think gambling promotion is going to far, and now needs to be challenged, instead of being on our children's breakfast tables.

For over 40 years we had precautions in place to stop gambling-related harm entering our communities. Since the very first legal betting shop that opened our communities have been aware of the dangers of advertising gambling and advertising to children and young people.

But since the gambling act 2005 came into place most of this has been disregarded by corporations making irresponsible and unethical marketing decisions, and now we are seeing gambling advertising EVERYWHERE.

We are signing this petition to ask Kelloggs to stop selling Kelloggs Krave Choco Roulette on the grounds that the whole marketing scheme of it is designed around bandit machines and gambling.

This is a food product that is often in the direct eyeline of children and due to it being a sweet and modern breakfast cereal this certainly will be on the breakfast table of many young children, especially as it has advertising campaigns on TV.

By signing this petition we are asking Kelloggs and those companies in which it supplies to stop selling Kelloggs Krave Choco roulette and show a more firm stance on their responsibility and ethics in the future.

For for information please see the video and you can complain about this product via the following web address's below. For more information on gambling grooming visit

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Gambling addiction is no fun for any individual or family.

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