Kellogg’s: Stop destroying rainforests for cheap palm oil!

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We are sisters, Asha and Jia (aged 11 and 9) and we love orangutans. We're big fans of Orangutan Jungle School on Channel 4 and were really upset when we saw that the numbers of orangutans that are being killed and orphaned every year are being increased by companies who want cheap palm oil - and it has to stop now!

recently  a Greenpeace investigation found that Kellogg’s are still buying their palm oil from unsustainable companies that are destroying rainforests and killing orangutans. The report stated that palm oil traders Wilmar are responsible for more rainforest destruction than any other, and they and companies like them, are selling to Kellogg’s. So we are asking Kellogg’s to stop using these suppliers, to trace the palm oil from seed to shelf and inform the public exactly where it came from.

Twenty five orangutans are killed every day due to palm oil. This statement proves even more that we must take action now. As well as wiping out rainforests and the wildlife that thrives within them, cheap and irresponsible palm oil companies are also killing people. Due to the toxic gases of burnt down trees, around 110 people die a year. An area the size of a football pitch is torn down in Indonesia’s rainforest every 25 seconds - this has to stop!

Kellogg’s say they use sustainable palm oil but Greenpeace’s investigation shows that they are still buying from palm oil producers that are wiping out rainforests in Indonesia. If Kellogg's agree to stop using cheap and dirty palm oil organisations, this should influence other brands, like Kellogg's, to only use sustainable palm oil.

Like most of our friends, we start our day eating Kellogg’s cereals but we’re not going to buy from them any more until they use our money to protect the rainforests, not destroy them. No more empty promises - it’s time for full responsibility and transparency from all the companies you work with to bring us the cereals and snacks we used to love.

Please sign our petition now to help protect rainforests and save the orangutans.

If we work together, we can make this change!

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