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Remove all artificial food dyes from food products sold in the U.S. and switch to natural dyes.

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My name is Jennifer Little and I am a Science teacher at Saltsburg Middle High School in Saltsburg, Pa. This year my students have been researching the health effects of various artificial food dyes, among other scary aspects, of our U.S. food system.


The research that my have students completed brings out an alarming reality about artificial food dyes used in our country. These food dyes are made from petroleum, the same stuff in asphalt, gasoline and diesel fuel, and are linked to many serious health and behavioral concerns that should worry you as a consumer.


These food dyes used in America have already been banned in many other countries because of their link to various health concerns.  As Americans, we are consuming approximately 15 million pounds of these harmful artificial dyes per year.



In an effort to make a positive change we are asking Kellogg’s to remove artificial food dyes from their food products sold in the US and switch to the natural dyes instead .


The good news is that this should not be too difficult considering the fact that Kellogg products have already been reformulated for countries like the U.K. to keep their consumers safe.



Yellow 5, red 40 and six other artificial food dyes are banned for use in the United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, France and Australia.



Overall, the health of Americans is lower than the health of those in other industrialized nations. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that we are still producing food in America with chemicals and additives that other countries have made illegal for use.


In 2008, The Center for Science in the Public Interest petitioned the FDA to ban artificial food dyes because of their association with behavioral problems. They were denied and since then they have done more research concluding these dyes are likely carcinogenic.



Their studies also found increased instances of cancers, birth defects and allergic reactions associated with the consumption of artificial food dyes.



As a teacher, I am concerned about what my students are eating, especially before they come to school and how it affects their ability to learn and focus. Yellow 5 and red 40 are among dyes that are linked to causing hyperactivity and impeding the learning process- all of these dyes are found in common breakfast foods.



Kelloggs, we are asking you to stand up and pioneer the way for safer foods for our kids and families. Our health is just as valuable as the consumer’s health in other countries. The bulk of your marketing is directed at children and they are the most vulnerable to the petroleum derived dyes in your products.


We feel confident that if you lead the way- other companies will follow suit. You have already removed the dangerous dyes from your products in other countries - Don’t you think our kids deserve foods that are safe too?



So  Kelloggs “It’s time for a change.”


You can support our cause by signing our petition and help us make a change.




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