Terminate and Charge Blake Shimanek and his Colleague for the abuse of the Puente family.

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The abhorrent and unjust behavior displayed by Officer Shimanek and his colleague warrant nothing less than immediate termination and criminal charges. They displayed a total misunderstanding of civil and human rights, and this behavior cannot be tolerated any longer, by any police department.

For far too long we have seen officers that abuse the exact people they are supposed to be protecting, and time and time again there is an investigation followed by a demotion or brief suspension (typically with pay.) This will not do. These two officers have absolutely no right to continue serving the people of Keller as Police Officers, as they can no longer be trusted to act in the people’s best interest. 

We demand that these two officers are immediately terminated from their positions, and then thoroughly investigated for their criminal behavior. We will no longer stay silent or allow another instance of blatant police brutality be brushed under the rug.

It is time for the department heads - who’s salaries are paid by OUR TAXES - to begin working for the people. You can start by doing right by this family by ensuring that these two officers never wear another badge. 

I urge Brad G. Fortune, the Chief of Police, to set an example as to what will and will not be tolerated within his department. The people are watching.