Bring Back Keller ISD Home Access Center and Remove Aeries For Our Gradebook!

Bring Back Keller ISD Home Access Center and Remove Aeries For Our Gradebook!

February 4, 2021
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Started by Josh Ludwig

We humbly demand that the system in which is currently used for the Keller ISD grade-book known as Aeries be taken down and replaced with it's superior predecessor Home Access Center (HAC). Aeries has been the fuel to the fire for schooling during this pandemic. We understand the timing was probably not planned but this has only exacerbated the issue. Aeries should be removed immediately due to several reasons

1. Functions such as transcripts and GPA have fully disappeared from the website without response. This has added pressure to seniors confused on how to attain and send transcripts for college as well as virtually any Keller ISD student wanting to access this important document.

2. Teachers are at a detriment as the system is overly confusing, in some cases requires them to put in grades entirely slowly or by hand, or will cause grades to disappear, and makes their job more strenuous as they have to constantly deal with problems with Aeries while barely being given guidance on balancing online and in person classes.

3. There have been numerous glitches not dealt with or addressed on top of many parts or functions disappearing as previously stated.

4. This has coincided and possibly influenced the schools transitioning to a new system of even and odd days and numbering the class periods 1st through 8th period. This was extremely unnecessary since it only changes the names for these but there was no reason to since it’s the same system as 1st through 5th period and A and B days only with the added pleasure of confusion.

Finally we would like to say Home Access Center could perform all the functions of Aeries faster and more efficiently for both teachers and students. Unlike going from HAC to Aeries this change back to HAC is altogether vital and beneficial for teachers and students.
It is not known if Aeries costed less than HAC at least to the public of the district but in any case we as the actual consumers of the product would like to inform Keller ISD we were thoroughly ripped off. We cannot allow Aeries to complicate schooling in Keller ISD for years to come. SIGN NOW TO GET BACK HAC!

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Signatures: 123Next Goal: 200
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