Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn

Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn

3 November 2020
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Started by Cassim Boorany

Jeremy Corbyn MP arrested, 22 July 1984, outside South Africa House (Photographer: Rob Scott)

South Africans in Solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn

We, South Africans, are deeply disturbed at the Labour Party's treatment and suspension of Jeremy Corbyn. We can attest to his outstanding support for the liberation of South Africa from apartheid, and his resolute stand against all forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and injustice wherever that evil appeared. 

The manner in which he has been treated by elements within the Labour Party is an utter disgrace.  The incumbent leadership of the Labour Party have fallen prey to a dangerous agenda which conflates justified criticism of Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people with the scourge of antisemitism.  When there were instances of antisemitism among a small number of ignorant members, Jeremy Corbyn has denounced it. We are aware of the machinations within the Labour Party to conduct a witch-hunt against Corbyn and those who support him. The charges of antisemitism that have been levelled against him are patently unjust and morally groundless.

We stand in solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn and join those in Britain calling for his reinstatement without delay.

(Please endorse and circulate to other South Africans)

Names & Designation.
Ronnie Kasrils - former government minister
Z.Pallo Jordan - former government minister
Ebrahim Ebrahim - former advisor to the President


This petition made change with 2,035 supporters!

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