Keeping Bathpool Safe

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Bathpool Park Stoke on trent 

This place is common knowlege and advertised on the internet as a dogging site...

For those that dont know it is to do with discusting sexual behaviour in a public place. Probably best to google...

Bathpool park ( the tunstall end ) is advertised on the internet for these prowlers to roam around "having a look" 


On numerous occasions i personally have witnessed discusting sexual behaviour in a local park / fishing pond. 


People walk around with their dogs. There children and i believe it is not ssfe during certain hours due to these " strange people" being parked up and loitering men in woods.... 


I myself do not feel safe and as part of a fishing group and being female

 I will not go around the park / lake alone due to these men loitering..


There are two gates on the one car park.. one is always locked and can only be acsessed by a key permit which leads to the pond. The other being the entrance. 

The other gate remains open all night which allows these weirdos to come and do "whatever" 

My petition is that the gate should be locked at night to STOP all of these cars ( sometimes there is about 30 parked up )


If they cant get on they will go elsewhere yes.... but it will make the park free from sexual preditors. 


Please something needs to raised in regards to this. 




Keep people safe at night and in the day. Thats my aim