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Keep your promise to retired coal miners and their families.

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Coal miners have one of the dirtiest, most dangerous jobs in American industry. Taxpayers have recognized their work and sacrifice by stepping in to ensure that their pensions and healthcare are provided -- even when their former companies have failed or gone out of business. Right now, legislation to protect ongoing government compensation for retired coal miners’ pensions and health benefits at at risk of expiring this April, leaving these retired workers out of help and out of luck unless Congress passes H.R. 179 to protect these obligations.

Coals continues to be a vital part of our country’s energy industry as the raw fuel for power plants across the U.S. These retired coal miners have risked their lives and health to light up our homes and power America’s industrial might for over a century.

Furthermore, protecting pension and health benefits for retired coal miners is not a Republican thing or a Democratic thing -- it’s an American thing. That’s why H.R. 179 has attracted bipartisan sponsorship -- with 27 Democrats and 25 Republicans working to move this vital legislation forward.

Allowing these promised pension and health benefits to expire at the end of April would condemn over 88,000 families to abject poverty, untreated illness -- and ultimately, death. This is unconscionable. We demand that Congress act NOW to help these families.

Please sign this petition urging Congress to move this bill forward before the end of the April. Help our retired miners and their family keep the last bit of stability and security our government promised to them.

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