Keep Woodside Mine Free

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A mining company called Terramin wants to build a gold mine in the Inverbrackie Creek catchment, near Woodside in the pristine Adelaide Hills.

The application proposes the mine will operate for five years, with an estimated economic value over this period significantly smaller than the revenue generated by the existing businesses in the region that would be impacted.  If approved, in its five-year lifetime, the mine has potential to do permanent damage to the local economy, the Adelaide Hills region and the State.

South Australia has built a global reputation for fresh produce, award-winning wine, clean and green agriculture and beautiful natural landscape. The mine proposal threatens this reputation and the viability of the existing tourism, hospitality, agriculture and wine-making industries that have elevated the State’s reputation as a world class food bowl.

The proposed mine site is just metres away from homes and local businesses, near leading Australian wineries, horticultural and agricultural land. Underground blasting, drilling and mine de-watering has the potential to cause significant damage to aquifers and water quality, which provides the only source of drinking water to many residents. As part of Adelaide’s water catchment it could also affect the water supply to the greater Adelaide area. 

Noise, dust and aesthetic impact of ongoing mining activity are also causes for alarm. We have seen the consequences of a Terramin mine project before at its Angas Zinc mine near Strathalbyn – dormant since 2013 with no clear timeline for the community around when or whether it will restart or close. Terramin has an unsuccessful financial history sustaining large accumulated losses from previous mining operations.

This mine, if allowed to proceed, will inevitably and irreparably harm the future of a thriving South Australian region. We, the undersigned, believe unreservedly that it should not be approved.