Ban the sale and use of water-soluble quick release lawn fertilizers on Long Island

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Nitrogen pollution is the number one threat to the health of Long Island's estuaries and to its sole-source aquifer of ground water.  The use of quick-release water-soluble lawn fertilizers by residents and businesses contributes a substantial percentage of excess nitrogen to those waters. Water soluble lawn fertilizer represents an elective, thrice yearly man-made nitrogen spike entering our water.

Nitrogen, from fertilizers and other sources, contributes to the annual red tides, brown tides, rust tides and hypoxia events as well as to the dangerous, even deadly blue-green algae blooms that plague our fresh water ponds and lakes. Nitrogen rich runoff is the major culprit. This is not an opinion, it is a known fact. Scientists from SUNY SOMAS and elsewhere have been studying the problem for years, and their work has identified nitrogen as the major culprit in these algae bloom events. While there are other sources of nitrogen, quick-release lawn fertilizer represents the low-hanging fruit of nitrogen pollution on Long Island. All we have to do is switch fertilizers to make a difference.


In 2007, the Suffolk County Legislature took the lead and prohibited the use of quick-release water soluble fertilizers on County owned land. The County now uses organics. Other counties and the State of New York soon followed suit. Think about that: the government has determined that these products are harmful to the waters, and refuses to use them. Why are we still using them? The fact is: the waters are our 'commons' and they are being poisoned.  By us. It's time for the County of Suffolk to extend the fertilizer law restrictions to all County residents and businesses. We'll all benefit from this.



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