Keep this killer in gaol!

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Reginald Kenneth Arthurell killed my Aunty in 1995. He is a serial killer who has been gaoled for killing 3 people including his own step father and his latest victim my aunt. He is also the major suspect in numerous other murders around Australia. The police are working frantically to find new evidence to keep him locked up, but as to date nothing has transpired. He is now due to be paroled. 

There is a number of newspaper articles about this murder and my father has recently published a book about his crime and how it has impacted the lives of our family. ‘If you are interested in finding out more the link is ;

Title: In the hands of Evil  by Paul Quinn

The Attorny General, Mark Speakman, has the authority and power to keep him in gaol for a further 5 years. Please support the family in their attempts to keep him where he belongs. This man is a threat to all Australians, he needs to be kept in gaol!