Coldingham Beach Cafe is facing demolition.

As the heart and soul of the beach, the cafe has provided food, drink and shelter for beach goers for generations. Its timber walls have stood the test of time through nearly a century of cold winters and wet summers, but now a dark council storm threatens to blow them down.

The council have served an eviction order on the owner to demolish the cafe by the end of September 2012. This stems from the council's refusal to renew the current owner's 10 year lease, offering a 3 year lease. This has effectively killed reinvestment into the building as a 3 year lease makes the upkeep of the building financially unviable. The current owner has invested over £30,000 into the maintenance and preservation of the cafe over the last 16 years.

If you would like to see the beach cafe remain in its current form and continue to provide the service it has done for past generations PLEASE sign this petition to show the council your feelings and support for the beach cafe. Thank you.

Letter to
Scottish Borders Council Brian Frater
Scottish Borders Council Alan Kay
I am emailing you my objection to the demolition of the Coldingham Sands Beach Cafe.

I have used this cafe and I believe it is a valuable asset, providing a service, character and heritage to the beach.

I urge you to reconsider the eviction notice and demolition of the beach cafe.

Coldingham Beach Cafe user.

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