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Our musicians are being pushed out. This city has long thrived on the street performers, musicians, and cultural diversity that makes New Orleans Great. We need to stop people from moving into our neighborhoods and stopping the music. Several local bars have had to shut down live music because neighbors complain and make a fuss.


New Orleans has the most unique culture in America.  MTV has names the Bywater neighborhood the most interesting place to live.  Architectural Digest claimed the Bywater has the most unique architecture in America.  We have very diverse cultural practices.  This culture is precious and delicate.  Our artists record our culture.  We cannot let it be destroyed by people who are coming in and trying to take over.  There are many places in this city to be quiet.  Artists need a place to make noise, play their instruments at all hours, and perform with bands in bars and clubs without fear of retribution.

Signing this petition will show your support for the movement to end this "war" on the culture that makes New Orleans great. 


Keep the Bywater Bohemian!


Facebook: Buskers Bunkhouse           Youtube: mymimemspearl

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Buskers Bunkhouse Stop the Bywater's Cultural Gentrification
Buskers Bunkhouse Ms. Pearl
Stop the unwanted crackdown on the music and culture