Keep the Animals at the Pace University Nature Center

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This is the link to donate as well! The Pace University Nature Center is home to many animals including goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, pigeons, and birds of prey. These animals have helped many students fall in love with our campus. Many students even made their decision to come to Pace in part because of the Nature Centers animals. The animals, the nature trails, the gardens and all the habitats have become a part of the Pace Community. People utilize the farm to do homework, de-stress from exams and classes, and a place to hang with friends. Especially during the COVID19 pandemic, the animals and the Nature Center grounds will play a huge role in allowing students to de-stress from the craziness of college and a pandemic. Due to financial issues brought on by the pandemic, the school has decided to get rid of all of our animals. This is one of the only spots on campus that is solely for nature. It is for the students, faculty and the community. The animals are taken care of by student workers. Not only are we displacing the jobs of the workers at the center, but we are leaving many students who utilize the farm for stress release, and other mental health conditions without any place to go to de-stress and relax during a pandemic. Many studies have shown that animals and nature can help people with various mental health conditions with their stress levels. WE MUST NOT LET THEM TAKE THE NATURE CENTER AWAY! We are not against Pace University, we are here to support the University by trying to fund the Nature Centers Farm and keep the Pace traditions alive. Please sign this petition to keep the animals at the Nature Center and to show your support!