Keep street parking free after 6pm!

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As residents, workers, visitors, patrons, fans, business owners, drivers, cyclists, taxpayers and supporters of Downtown Rochester, we believe that the City of Rochester’s short sighted and under-researched decision to extend parking meter charges from 6pm to 8pm must be reversed immediately. It was a hastily made decision with a lack of notice and zero input from the community. No feedback was solicited from residents prior to making this decision. No businesses or venues were asked about the negative impact this would have.

The City of Rochester has stated this change will generate an additional $214,000 toward a much larger budget deficit. We understand this is not part of a long-term parking improvement project but solely a bandaid approach to covering a small portion of a large financial deficit. This approach has put the expense on small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, sports and entertainment venues, restaurants, residents, etc. and overall economic growth for the City. 

We are empathetic to this budget challenge and aim to be part of the solution. We believe there are numerous other options that can provide the necessary funds and we are eager to participate in a transparent, public dialogue with The City of Rochester to identify a better alternative.

To be delivered to:

Lovely Warren, Mayor
Alex Yudelson, Chief of Staff
James Smith, Director City Communications
Laura Miller, Director of Parking
Cedric Alexander, Deputy Mayor

And City Council Members:
Elaine Spaull
Willie Lightfoot
Mitch Gruber
Malik Evans
Jacklyn Ortiz
Loretta Scott
Adam McFadden
Molly Clifford
Michael Patterson

Additional points:

This decision can be reversed: Remove the new 8pm stickers that have been placed on the meters, seek community feedback, and adopt another approach to raising this additional revenue.

We are 100% in favor of making Rochester a more bike-friendly city. This decision to extend parking meter times from 6pm to 8pm is not a pro-bicycling decision.

The infrastructure is lacking to support this change. Only parking meters with 2-hour time limits are present in many areas. Yet movies, sporting events, dinners, openings, fundraisers, theater events, concerts, and other performances often extend beyond 2 hours making it difficult for patrons to comply with these changes without being ticketed by the City.

Coin-operated parking meters with 2 hour time limits dominate many areas, yet movies, sporting events, dinners, plays, concerts, performances, openings, fundraisers, etc. extend beyond 2 hours. It is not clear when or how the requisite investment in new parking technology will be supported.

Parking is inequitably charged in some neighborhoods and not charged in others. For example High Falls is metered, but Park Avenue, Monroe Avenue and South Avenue (meters removed several years ago) are not metered. Extending the parking times further exacerbates this already unjust situation.

Not only does this decision by The City of Rochester place an undue economic burden on the business owners and residents of Downtown Rochester, it is a burden felt by the hearts, minds, and pockets of all citizens of our great city. Rochester has a poverty rate of 32.8 percent and an extreme poverty rate of 16.3 percent (see ) and implementing this measure is only adding to the economic hardship and burdens our citizenry face.

Rochester boasts a number of collegiate institutions and post-graduate centers including medical, dental, and other professional schools. Students who are on fixed incomes, stipends, and federal financial aid will also feel the additional economic burden when parking outside of Eastman School of Music for classes, Dental School for clinical labs, and Brockport’s Downtown campus for post-graduate studies. These examples are some of the many ways students from outside the area will be dissuaded from contributing to, and remanining in our evolving city for the long term.

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Concerned Citizens for Downtown Rochester

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350 East Ave ,llc
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