Confirmed victory

In the summer of 2014 Liverpool City Council formally adopted a new best practise guide for busking which was developed alongside the busking community, the keep streets live campaign, the business community and the Musician's Union. 

The new guidance promotes good relationships between buskers, businesses and the local authority and protects the informality and spontaneity which are such an important part of busking culture.

The new guidance establishes Liverpool as a leading city internationally for its active support of street art and culture, a hugely positive development in the light of the fact that in the summer of 2012 the local authority had introduced one of the UK's most restrictive policies.

Thank you to everyone for supporting this petition and helping to make this positive change possible.

Jonny Walker

founding director of Keep Streets Live Campaign

Letter to
Liverpool City Council Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool
Labour Councillor, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Liverpool City Council Stephen Munby
Please work with the street performers of Liverpool, along with the help of the Musician's Union, to put together a voluntary best practise guide for buskers in Liverpool that protects the vulnerable and avoids the resort to coercive and restrictive actions. Please stop sending out police officers and council officials in an attempt to intimidate and harass street artists and performers, instead, work with them in a collaborative way that builds community and adds vibrancy to the streets,

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