Confirmed victory

In Sepember, Liverpool City Council abandoned their controversial, unlawful and coercive license scheme thcampaign this petition, the Keep Streets Live campaign, and the legal support of Kirwans Solicitors. We had hoped that the council would then get in touch with us and take up the offer of the Musician's Union to draft a best practice guide that works for everybody, but is not heavy handed. Unfortunately, no one has yet been in touch with us from the Council, instead they have sent teams of enforcement officials, backed by police officers and attempted to collect names and addresses of performers in a campaign of intimidation and harassment. When not reformers politely refused to give their details, they often moved on and threatened with arrest. This is unacceptable and goes against the decision of the council to reverse their policy.

I have reopened this petition to raise awareness of the Council's recent actions and to make a simple and direct request to them. Liverpool City Council, please take up the offer of the Musician's Union to mediate and set up a meeting with the street artists and performers. We want to work with you and care about making Liverpool a vibrant and more open place. You dropped the compulsory coercive policy, now let's work together on a voluntary policy that protects the vulnerable and helps to Keep Streets Live!

Letter to
Liverpool City Council Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool
Labour Councillor, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Liverpool City Council Stephen Munby
Please work with the street performers of Liverpool, along with the help of the Musician's Union, to put together a voluntary best practise guide for buskers in Liverpool that protects the vulnerable and avoids the resort to coercive and restrictive actions. Please stop sending out police officers and council officials in an attempt to intimidate and harass street artists and performers, instead, work with them in a collaborative way that builds community and adds vibrancy to the streets,