Keep Scott Campbell's killer behind bars

Keep Scott Campbell's killer behind bars

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kim goldman started this petition to Board of Parole Hearings California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation


Parole Hearing information re: Lawrence R. Cowell – D21718
The re-scheduled parole hearing is October 9, 2019.  ALL parole hearing denial letters need to be sent to the Board of Parole Hearing by September 9, a month before the hearing.

Why you should help:

Collene Campbell (sister of the late Mickey Thompson, auto racing legend and his wife Trudy, who were brutally murdered in 1988) and her late-husband Gary, have been fighting to keep their son's killer Lawrence Cowell behind bars for years.

April 17, 1982, while out on bail for the killing of Robert Ferguson, Lawrence Cowell conspired to rob, and brutally murder Scott Campbell. He and the accomplice he hired,threw Scott’s body out of an airplane into the Pacific Ocean. Scott was 27 years old at the time.  Cowell knew Scott's entire family well and watched while the victim’s parents frantically searched for their missing son for eleven months. (Scott’s body was never recovered.)

Later, when the undercover officers spoke to Cowell & his accomplice DiMascio on tape, the killers laughed about how they bloodied Scott up before they threw him out of the airplane so the sharks would eat him.

December 9, 1985:  Cowell was tried and found guilty of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and robbery of Scott Campbell and was sentenced to two 25 years to life sentences, plus six enhancement years.  It is important to note that his co-conspirator received life without parole.

At his April 26, 2011 parole hearing, Cowell finally admitted to the vicious murder of Scott Campbell and stated that he had sent five letters of apology to Gary & Collene Campbell, Scott’s parents.  In fact, in checking with the California Dept. of Corrections & Rehabilitation, which all inmate correspondence must go through, the CDCR office verified that NO letters had ever been sent to the Campbells from Lawrence Cowell.

Lawrence Cowell brutally murdered his lifelong friend, Scott Campbell, for the basest of all possible reasons: money. He is a manipulative, cowardly, pathological liar who continues to deny the true circumstances of this brutal murder while pathetically feigning remorse in the hope he will gain favor with the parole board. He is continuing to lie to his parole board to this day. Each and every time this man has been released from custody people have been hurt or killed. Each and every time the judicial system has given him leeway; he has made a mockery of it.

We need the public's help to keep this vicious killer behind bars.

The California Constitution directs, “Victims of crime have a collectively shared right to expect that persons convicted of committing criminal acts are sufficiently punished in both the manner and the length of the sentences imposed by the courts of the State of California.”

“Victims of crime are entitled to finality in their criminal cases.  Lengthy appeals and other post-judgment proceedings that challenge criminal convictions, frequent and difficult parole hearings that threaten to release criminal offenders, and the ongoing threat that the sentences of criminal wrongdoers will be reduced, prolong the suffering of crime victims for many years after the crimes themselves have been perpetrated.  This prolonged suffering of crime victims and their families must come to an end.”

Finally, there is a clear and enforceable California Constitutional rights to “have the safety of the victim, the victim’s family, and the general public considered before any parole or other post-judgment release decision is made.”

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We have attached the history of the killers' record, offenses, Scott's murder, etc. The Board requests that the following information about the inmate be included in your letter:

Board of Parole Hearings
P.O. Box 4036
Sacramento, CA 95812-4036

RE: Parole Hearing for Lawrence R. Cowell, CDC #D21718
Scheduled date: October 9, 2019 California Men's Colony, San Luis Obispo, CA  

Dear Chairman & Commission Members,

I am asking you to deny parole for inmate Lawrence R. Cowell, convicted killer of Scott Campbell.

Cowell, who has a history of violence, committed this brutal murder with malice and intent and laughed about it to law enforcement.  He has a history of lying, shows no remorse and the burden placed on his family to continually fight his parole is too much to handle. We, as law abiding citizens, have a right to feel safe in our communities and Cowell does not deserve to be released into our society.

In 1982 Lawrence Rayborn Cowell was out on bail for killing a man.  On April 17, 1982, Cowell hired an accomplice to take part in a pre-meditated murder of a “so-called” family friend Scott M. Campbell, 27, a successful young inventor.  The Campbell and Cowell families had been friends for years and shared boating and water-skiing vacations together.

It’s hard to comprehend that the killer Cowell chose a family friend to kill and rob for his Pantera sports car.  Cowell lied to Scott when he offered to take him for a plane ride when actually his intent was to murder Scott and steal his car. Once in the air, Cowell and his accomplice, who was represented as “his flight instructor” strangled Scott and bloodied him up to make certain the sharks would eat him, before they threw his body out of the plane into the Pacific Ocean.  Scott’s parents, Gary & Collene Campbell feverishly searched for their son for 11 agonizing months before they learned the truth about their son’s horrific murder, with the help of an undercover agent.

In spite of the terrible pain connected with the horrible murder of their son, the Campbell's have continued for years to fight crime and help others bring justice to their cases. Sadly with the loss of her husband Gary, Scott’s Daddy and Collene’s loss of her eyesight, it’s a hard path to try and maintain justice.  Please do anything you can to keep the killer of Campbell’s only son in prison.


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We are grateful for any help as it is difficult to imagine how our family is required to sit across a table from Scott's cold-blooded & heartless killer at a parole hearing in order to keep him behind bars and to keep others safe.

The address is
Board of Parole Hearings
P.O. Box 4036
Sacramento, CA 95812-4036
(send a copy here too:

Please send a copy of your letter to Scott’s Dad & Mom, Gary & Collene at for our information and files.

With tremendous appreciation for your help in keeping the world a safer place,
Scott's loving family

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