Keep San Antonio's water clean — Stop Lennar's Development at Guajolote Ranch

Keep San Antonio's water clean — Stop Lennar's Development at Guajolote Ranch

April 7, 2022
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CEO, Lennar Homes Stuart Miller
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Why this petition matters

Tell Lennar Homes CEO Stuart Miller - No Dumping Sewage into Helotes Creek for  Guajolote Ranch! 

Lennar Homes, one of the largest homebuilders in the U.S., is planning a dense subdivision of 3,000 homes on 1,160 acres in a watershed upstream of the Edwards Aquifer, the main drinking water source for 2 million people in the San Antonio area. 

The Guajolote Ranch property is located in northwest Bexar County, roughly 5 miles north of Helotes, less than 2 miles north of Grey Forest, just over 5 miles northwest of San Antonio. It falls in the Edwards Aquifer Contributing Zone, the land that catches rainwater and channels it downstream towards the sensitive land that recharges San Antonio’s drinking water.

Here are just a few of the reasons to oppose the development: 

  • A permit for a waste water treatment plant to serve the proposed subdivision would allow discharge of 1 million gallons per day of sewage effluent directly into Helotes Creek.
  • Scientists say that any new sewage sources on Scenic Loop Road will inevitably increase pollution in the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio's main drinking water source. 

    Ron Green, Ph.D., P.G., a respected hydrologist, describes a "tipping point" as when “when the rate of contaminants entering the aquifer with recharge exceeds the ability of the aquifer to cleanse itself by dilution.”

    “In summary, any high-density development in the Helotes Creek watershed will push the Edwards Aquifer closer to the tipping point,” Dr. Green says.
  • Lennar's plans are out of step with San Antonio’s North Sector Plan. Completed in 2010, the plan is meant to guide development in one of the fastest-growing parts of the city. The plan is supposed to guide growth until 2045. 
  • In the North Sector Plan, Guajolote Ranch falls into two categories: Rural Estate Tier and Country Tier. Neither are meant for the kind of high-density development Lennar is seeking of three homes per acre. 

    Though Lennar has agreed to restrict impervious cover to 30%, the development will still convert hundreds of acres to hard surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, and rooftops. More runoff means higher risk of flooding and degraded water quality downstream. 
  • No traffic studies are yet available to show how thousands of additional vehicles will increase commute times on Scenic Loop Road. 

    Tell Lennar Homes to respect San Antonio's drinking water and build somewhere else! 
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Signatures: 7,050Next Goal: 7,500
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