Keep Randall Carter Teachers from being involuntarily transferred to other schools!

Keep Randall Carter Teachers from being involuntarily transferred to other schools!

July 12, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chung Wallace

Hello Randall Carter Family and Friends, 

It has been a precarious few years in the schools but there has been one thing that has consistently kept Randall Carter running smoothly.  OUR TEACHERS!

Randall Carter is a special community where you can feel the sense of family and care when you walk our halls.  Whether those hallways are in person or virtual, the teachers have given their hearts and souls to ensure that our children are in the best care.  We leave our most precious gifts in the hands of these gems of teachers and we entrust them with their safety, well-being and growth.  

Recently, it has come to light that three of our most outstanding teachers were being offered on the Wayne Board of Education meeting agenda to be involuntarily transferred to other schools in the district.  No plausible rationale was given to the teachers for the transfers.  The teachers never requested to be transferred.  They were not even given the dignity of being informed of the action in person.  The three teachers being offered are Mr. Serge Sosnov, Mrs. Alexis Scheck and Mrs. Giovanna Zisa. 

Mr. Sosnov has been at Randall Carter for ten years and he is the presence and leader that helps prepare these students for Middle School.  Mrs. Scheck has been at Randall Carter for 15 years and is the consummate professional who does anything and everything that is asked of her.  Mrs. Zisa has been at Randall Carter for 24 years.  She is the most loved and requested teacher at Randall Carter.  Generations of students have had Mrs. Zisa and she holds a special place in everyone's heart. 

These respected teachers have spent their careers at Randall Carter going above and beyond their calls to duty. They work collaboratively with families to make sure our children are getting the best education possible.  They know our students inside and out.  They run programs and clubs and offer extra help to support all their students needs.  These are three teachers who have been awarded the Governor's Award for Educator of the Year.  To move these teachers for the 2022-2023 school year would change the morale of the family atmosphere we have at Randall Carter. 

It has already been a tumultuous couple of years and this is no way to start a new school year.  In 2022, we will already be losing several teachers to retirement or other personal moves.  On top of that, our principal is resigning which leaves the building too unstable to even consider moving three of our most respected and reliable veteran teachers.  For our own family, this will be the fifth principal we have had in 11 years.  During these 11 years, the school has always maintained a culture of familiarity thanks to the dedicated teachers we have at Randall Carter.  We have never seen teachers moved so arbitrarily and unnecessarily.  Especially teachers who always perform to the highest degree.

If this proposed transfer is allowed, we the community, students, families and staff will be hurt and disappointed.  It will not only change the morale at our school but it will affect our opinions on who enforces these kinds of incomprehensible and unnecessary changes. 

What needs to happen at this time is NO CHANGE AT ALL.  Leave the teachers alone to do what they love.  Leave them to be highly effective and impactful on the community they so lovingly serve.  

We need these teachers and their experience to teach our children and help them to develop strong hearts and minds so they can be equally as impactful in our community.  These teachers are our family and we need to protect and defend our family because it is the right thing to do.  

We as parents, family members, former students and concerned citizens need to support our teachers.  Please sign this petition to remind the Wayne Board of Education that we are their constituents and they are bestowed the honor of a "Trustee" because we voted for them to take these seats and do what is right for our children.  Please continue to share the word of what we wish to accomplish.  Please continue to support our teachers. 

Our goal is to see "NO CHANGE".  

There's a saying, "Sometimes, change is necessary."  This is NOT one of those times.  Now is the time to come together and to keep our teachers at Randall Carter.  Please share this message with all those who have been to Randall Carter and know the importance of continuing the culture of family there.  

Thank you for your support!

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Signatures: 499Next Goal: 500
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