Keep Public Lands Public in Alberta

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We are hard-working, tax-paying Albertans who love this province and spend precious time enjoying the peace and beauty its land has to offer.  We are hikers, bikers, hunters, gatherers, fishing enthusiasts, horseback riders, recreational vehicle operators, skiers, ranchers, campers and dog owners and the backcountry of Alberta is where we live and play.  But our provincial government wants to change that. 

We respect our environment and want to ensure our children's children will have the opportunity to do the same, while enjoying the pastimes we've raised them to love.  The NDP don't know us.  Shannon Phillips doesn't know us.  But they would take away part of what makes us, US - without proper consultation, relevant research or fair and proper planning. We cannot let that happen.

Sign this petition to show them that we will not stand quietly by while they take away our access to public lands.  We expect them to work with us to come to a strategic solution that is equitable for everyone.  Let's join together to Keep Public Lands Public!

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Looking for more information?

Why I started the petition  I am simply an individual who uses Public Land Use Zones (PLUZs) recreationally in Alberta and who is saddened by what appears to be a biased process aimed at taking this land away from specific users.  This is not a political petition and I am not a political person... I tend to see both pros and cons with most platforms, for better or worse.  What I do care about is fairness and integrity.  When someone says they are going to do something, they should do it.  There is no reason why this land can't be protected and shared for all to enjoy. And we should all be part of the solution.  In a respectful way - please no swearing in your comments!

Where to get more information  Information on this issue is really hard to come by, which is part of the frustration.  Here are a few links you can try:

News coverage from current Bighorn Backcountry dispute

MLA Jason Nixon - a local politician who is supportive of our cause

Open letter from MLA Jason Nixon to Honorable Shannon Phillips

Love Your Trails - New organization promoting the Public Land message

About the NDP - in case you don't know who they are!