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Keep Private Companies out of Public Education

Governor Dannel Malloy's original "Education Reform" bill would be the first step to dismantling the public education system in Connecticut.  And although the current bill has been changed dramatically, Malloy has threatened to veto the bill if it does not have much of the original language put back in.

Although the original language of the bill would effectively end tenure and collective bargaining rights in many of CT communities, it does have the support of SDE Commissioner Stefan Pryor, his former employer Achievement First, and their lobbying arm ConnCan.

And no wonder--Malloy's original plan would give Pryor unilaterial power to turn schools over to private charter management companies, fire the entire teaching staff and replace them wth inexperienced and cheap teachers.

The communities hit hardest by the tough economy will continue to slip while Malloy will subsidize for-profit charter school companies with taxpayer dollars.  Meanwhile, studies show that charter schools are no more effective than traditional public schools.  A 2009 study conducted by Stanford University found that while 17% of charter schools in 15 different states were more effective than their traditional public school counterparts, 37% were "significantly worse" and almost half of the schools were found to be no different in learning results.

This bill was written by and will benefit private, for-profit education companies at the expense of local communities.  This is a disturbing trend on the national level--happening most recently in Wisconsin and Illinois.  Private companies are working hard to gain a foothold in the emerging $7 Billion "education industry" where they get taxpayer money and charitable tax writeoffs, not to mention a PR boost (you can see more on this by clicking on the "Petition Updates" tab).

The goal of public education is to educate children. However, the goal of any private, for-profit company, regardless of the company’s product, is the bottom line. Opening the door for privatized education will necessarily remove the main objective from education to profit.

Send the message to the governor: "Keep private companies out of public education."

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