Keep Plunder as a Permanent Game mode!! & making real changes to Plunder

Keep Plunder as a Permanent Game mode!! & making real changes to Plunder

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As a gamer I enjoy warzone It has revived the Call of Duty franchise after the handful of futuristic titles launched. Warzone  gives the players a feeling of reality across all game modes and offers 3 great game modes  to it  Br, Plunder and rebirth...


 The topic now is Plunder Which is a great success with over Millions of players.. Plunder feels like the first large-scale attempt to break the battle royale genre down to its composite parts and build something new out of the pieces. While other battle royale games have pushed the boundaries with limited-time game modes, like Fortnite’s John Wick assassin mode, they all still felt like battle royale games. Plunder feels like something different, even if it still has a few battle royale ideas in its DNA. 


Each match of Plunder has 102 players, broken up in squads of three players each. Each squad competes to be the first to earn $1 million in in-game cash, or get the most cash in 30 minutes. Players can earn cash from completing contracts, looting, or picking up the cash that enemy players drop when they die. 

The only way to keep your cash safe is to deposit it by buying an expensive extraction balloon, which you can place wherever you want, or waiting for a helicopter to arrive at a very public and dangerous location. 


A small wrinkle makes Plunder even more unique: the money that you collect doesn’t belong to the squad, at least not until it’s deposited. Instead, players hold money individually until it’s deposited. This makes for constantly shifting roles. If you have two rich squadmates who need to duck out of a dangerous firefight, and your own bank account is empty, guess who gets to stay behind and play the decoy?

In fact, Plunder does a great job of encouraging you to explore more of the map than Warzone’s battle royale. Contracts which can include things like hunting down specific enemy players or capturing certain objectives, happen all over and send you to new areas you might not have visited on your own. On top of that, the game marks the three squads with the most money at any given time, which could send you across the map on a hunt for more cash, and chasing marked players rather than sticking within the confines of the circle.

There are alot of players who  Actually play the game mode Objective and grind out  money  so they can be top dog on the leaderboard , and  those who just use It to grind  out their weapons because some people don't want to purchase multiplayer  and need Plunder for weapons and level grinding.

Plunder has become A True Game mode worth playing  Strategies can naturally form and shift as matches progress, From looting to shooting  having to defending your Money  or Playing Blood money and going for the big bag  kills,  Plunder has the Potential to be so much more then any game mode on warzone. 

So many top players from number 1 player to number 10,000 on the leaderboard can swear that plunder is wroth the improvements .. And pretty sure it can be incorporated into the main story line.

For example- C.I.A information leads to spy hidden Hidden safe house with not only cash but details to how rob a  Enemy's Treasury source ( depends on story line.

 Robbing other enemies outpost artillery and institutions eliminating  high value targets by finish moves only ( Blood money ) 

Taking out   Certain political figures who hold financial power 

I hope the  Explanation above helps � changes your and make Plunder a  Permanent Game mode never to get taken out of rotation.. 

Also is a list below of what  we feel it needs to improve to keep it more  Entertaining and  inefficient  And competitive..


• Increase money cap to  2 million and increase Over time be one minute in regular plunder and blood money 

•  Give us an option Like Br mode where we can choose  If we want to be in trios or quads mode

• Allow it to where if a team Does not  Achieve a million dollars at the end of the match it will be  a  Mission  Failed not  Mission completed.( wood or gold )

• plunder should have the respawn like rebirth if a squad is Team wipe then they lose. This will keep people playing the object and change there play style 

•  A proper ending  not just the basic one , something  cool just like br for when you win the game 1st place ..

• Add 1 more level above getting a Damascus  which is 3 million,  Allow us to see on the leaderboard how many  Jade ,ruby sapphire, diamond Damascus  we have gotten.. 

• Only top 10 or top 5  players should be able to talk end game chat

•  Add  other contracts like  a  new contract called  assassination were team  Team wipes are the agenda and guarantee 350,000 to 500,000 .

Adding different types of Looting or kill/steal money  contracts will keep the mode on its toes ...

I just want to say thank you for Activision for making such a beautiful game and hopefully we can make it even better �..

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