Make a baby and child car seat recycling programme for the whole of the UK

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There must be millions of car seats being dumped in the landfill.

  • In the UK it is a legal requirement for all children to travel in  a car seat.
  • Parents are discouraged from buying second hand for safety reasons - a new car seat is the safest. This is not disputed.
  • However, this produces a lot of unusable, expired seats which largely have one destination - the landfill. The only option is to salvage some parts of the seat which maybe resellable, or recyclable e.g. the fabric.
  • All baby and child car seats have an expiration dates.
  • All baby and child car seats are not useable after a car accident. 
  • Currently there is no closed loop system, the manufacturers do not offer a clear and accessible recycling program to the customer.
  • There are recycling programmes in other countries.
  • This petition asks for a clear and accessible recycling programme for all parents in the UK, so that their unusable car seats are not dumped in the landfill.