Stop Napa Oaks Hillside Subdivision...again!

Stop Napa Oaks Hillside Subdivision...again!

April 15, 2016
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Started by SNO Stop Napa Oaks

Natural beauty and open space are at the heart of what makes Napa special. It is this "sense of place" that helps create our world class location. Napa is a destination for people from all over the world who come to enjoy beautiful wine country, oak studded hillsides and farm-to-table cuisine in an unhurried, relaxed atmosphere. The locals believe, rightfully so, that they live in paradise.

1998, an update to the Napa General Plan identified this Southwest hillside as RA (Resource Area). With intelligent foresight those who worked on the General Plan realized this hillside was unsuitable for high density housing.

RA Zoning allows for 1 house per 20 acres. This special RA designation is applied to sensitive land within the City's Rural Urban Limit. Sensitive lands include view shed, habitat, resource, geotechnical and other considerations which further conservation and resource protection under the goals of the Napa General Plan. 

In 2000, Davidon Homes of Walnut Creek bought the 78 acre hillside knowing it was zoned RA. When the developer was denied a zoning change to Single Family Residential in 2002, they sued the City of Napa twice - and lost.

Now, for the second time Davidon Homes is requesting the City to change the zoning from RA to SFR (Single Family Residential) so their high density hillside development can proceed. Now called Napa Oaks II, 51-70  executive homes will forever damage our Southwest hillside and severely diminish our "sense of place."

An estimated 509 mature Oak trees on 9+ woodland acres will need removal to make way for roadways, homes, and driveways. Light pollution will fill the night sky. Water runoff will threaten longstanding vineyards on one side of the hillside and a mature neighborhood on the other.

This hillside suffered slippage in the 2014 Napa earthquake. Since then, newly discovered fault lines are running through the unstable hillside including the Alquist Priolo Fault, a particularly dangerous fault line that requires special geological investigations to avoid building homes or structures where ruptures can occur.

By signing this petition, you are telling the Napa City Council to KEEP OUR ZONING IN PLACE AS IT IS, for this hillside. This will prevent the developer from building these multi-million dollar homes. There has never been a high density subdivision built on a hillside in Napa.  Don’t let this be the first!

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This petition made change with 2,159 supporters!

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