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Keep Nevada's Regulated Brothels LEGAL!

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Senator Harry Reid took to a microphone on February 22nd and pointed his sights at legal Brothels and prostitution in his own state after years of governing without it being an issue. By doing so, Senator Reid has ignited a debate in his own state and found himself on the losing side. What is motivating the Senator at this point is still up for debate. Some suggest that he trying to ignite a culture war issue to have to fight against his opponents on the Right. Some suggest it might be a stunt to try and make Senator John Ensign (R-NV) look bad for political purposes. Some even believe it may be a religious issue, to which it hasn't been one for him until now apparently. A prevailing theory is that this is payback for rural county voting and support of Sharon Angle in the last election. Almost no one truly believes that the Senator is actually considering the best interests of the economy of Nevada. Brothels are legal, regulated, and no one works there that doesn't want to. These regulations are carefully adhered to and serve to protect the women that work there, and their clients. Please read the letter attached that will be sent to Mr. Reid, and sign if you agree that these ladies need to be left alone and this industry brings value and business to the state of Nevada in a respectful AND respected way. If you care about your freedoms, rights, the rights of others, and those of you who don't want the government making these adult decisions for you, then stand up, be counted and sign this petition to be sent to Senator Harry Reid.

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