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Right now, as taxpayers, we ALL own a piece of OUR community hospital - Massena Memorial Hospital - and we don't want to give that up. Allowing MMH to go private means a lot more than just reducing pension costs. We need to speak out to keep OUR community hospital public, and let our Town Board know that WE'RE NOT GIVING UP on OUR hospital.

Letter to
Massena NY Town Board
Supervisor, Town of Massena Joseph Gray
Councilperson, Town of Massena Robert Cunningham
and 3 others
Councilperson, Town of Massena John Macaulay
Councilperson, Town of Massena Albert Nicola
Councilperson, Town of Massena Charles Raiti
I am signing this petition to register my opposition to privatizing OUR community hospital, MMH. I don't want to give up:
- control over our hospital's future;
- accountability for patient care;
- healthcare services that are not seen as "profitable";
- retirement security for workers;
- good paying Middle Class jobs; or
- wages that get recycled into our community's businesses.

Please don't let our community hospital go private. I want to continue MY ownership of OUR public hospital.

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