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With recent approval and future implementation of Texas' Board of Education Essential Knowledge and Skills, amendments will be made to the state's textbook standards. Content involving the role of minority groups and events in which minorities are present will be subject to editorial discretion.  As a state, California is now susceptible.  As a result of Texas being a major consumer in the academic textbook publication industry, other states may be affected by these amendments.

We must prevent this "mis-education" from negatively affecting K-12 students who have the right to know the facts.  Please sign this petition in support of Senator Leland Yee's bill, SB 1451, in order to make sure that what's happening in Texas doesn't directly affect our students in California.

Letter to
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
California State House
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California Governor
I write in support of Leland Yee's Senate Bill 1451, which would require Califonia’s State Board of Education (SBE) to notify the chairs of the Assembly and Senate Education Committees and the Governor's office if it determines any instructional materials submitted for consideration for adoption contain content that meets the revised standards for social studies curriculum in Texas, and requires the SBE to ensure that the next revision of the History-Social Science (H/SS) framework is consistent with existing requirements to ensure instructional materials include, portray accurately, encourage and impress certain content upon pupils.

This bill would help ensure that students continue to learn about the roles, struggles, and contributions of individuals and groups within both genders, as well as African American, American Indian, Hispanic, Asian, and Pacific Islander communities.

American social studies taught in schools must not neglect the significant historical figures and events all of whom/that have helped to shape the current society to be what it is today.

Please sign this petition to show your support of this proposed legislation.

Thank you,

Winnie Wong (San Francisco, CA)

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