Keep Lords Park Pool Open!

Keep Lords Park Pool Open!

December 7, 2022
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Mayor of Elgin David Kaptain and 7 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Christian Sass


The Elgin Illinois City Council and Parks and Recreation Department are contemplating permanently closing the Lords Park Aquatic Center. The pool is only about 20 years old and there were significant expenses incurred to demolish the old pool and construct this one. It is by no means used up. 


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The council probably feels everyone just goes to Wing Park, but many who live on the east side have opted to use Streamwood and Bartlett’s pools instead, which in turn takes money away from Elgin’s budget. The fact that both  Wing Park’s and the Centre’s pool also loses, we would never suggest these be closed.  We do not believe cost should be the primary determinant of whether a program or facility should be closed.   

A pool has been an amenity of Lords Park and the surrounding community since 1964 and is enjoyed by thousands of family members every year.

The Lords Park facility includes a 14,142 sq foot (238,000 gal) recreation pool, double flume slide, sand volleyball court, three water play features, bathhouse, competition lap pool, children's play area, and a concession building.

If you also oppose the closing of the swimming pool in Lords Park, please demonstrate your support by attending the 12/7 (Wednesday) Elgin City Council meeting at 150 Dexter Court at 7 PM.  If you are willing to speak, public comments can be made by signing up before this meeting begins.  If you do not wish to speak, please show your support by attending this council meeting and supporting the 

We the undersigned support the expenditure of funds needed to reopen the pool (about $600,000) and believe that the Parks and Recreation Department needs to schedule regular lifeguard training classes to address the staffing issues.

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Signatures: 1,549Next Goal: 2,500
Support now

Decision Makers

  • David KaptainMayor of Elgin
  • Corey DixonElgin City Council Member
  • Dustin GoodElgin City Council Member
  • Rosamaria MartinezElgin City Council Member
  • Tish S. PowellElgin City Council Member