Keep Freestone Safe

Keep Freestone Safe

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Dear community:

Reports of Sonoma County restaurateur Lowell Sheldon (former owner of Handline, Fern Bar, & Khom Loi) have recently come out in the San Francisco Chronicle, North Bay Bohemian, and Press Democrat regarding his longstanding patterns of sexual harassment and inappropriate workplace behavior, as well as allegations of sexual assault within and outside of his role at these restaurants. 

Sheldon’s latest project is the Freestone Hotel, a proposed bed and breakfast with a wine tavern. We are extremely concerned at the thought of Sheldon having unlimited access to hotel rooms and an alcohol license. 

As women, workers, and community members impacted by Sheldon’s predatory behavior over a span of many years, we are asking you to sign this petition to show your support for Sheldon's permanent removal from this project, as well as a ban on obtaining an alcohol license in the future. We believe that because the majority of Sheldon’s predatory actions happened while he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he poses a danger to others where alcohol is concerned and should be prevented from opening a business with an alcohol license. 

Our community is only as safe as we make it together. Please join us in standing against sexual violence, workplace abuse, and people in power whose actions do not align with their stated values. Collectively, we can end the culture of silence around abuse. 

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Please join us in keeping our community safe!

In unity,

West Sonoma County coalition of women, workers, and allies

Learn more: If you would like to read more about the extensive allegations against Sheldon, you can review the linked articles. Please be advised that several contain detailed recountings of sexual assault.

805 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!