Keep Francis Anwana, a deaf and disabled immigrant, in the United States

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Francis Anwana is a deaf and disabled Nigerian immigrant who came to the United States of America on a student visa when was just 14 years old. Once enrolled at the Michigan School for the Deaf, Francis was taught sign language and given resources for his cognitive disability which were not afforded to him in his native Nigeria.

Francis is now 48, lives in an adult foster care facility and works small jobs at a church in Detroit. He has said he's happy here. Michigan has been his home for 34 years. Nigeria is not a country he has been accustomed to since he was a teenager.

On September 5th, ICE notified Francis that he would be deported on September 11th. Advocates were able to delay his deportation and set a meeting with immigration officials.

Several years ago, Francis' visa was not renewed because caretakers lost track of his case since he was frequently moved around group homes. Due to his disability, he reads at a second-grade level. Francis depends on the help of others to initiate and aid in his residential status proceedings.

Several attempts have been made to achieve citizenship for Francis, which he has been denied and instead placed in deportation proceedings. An attempt was also made to seek asylum based on the conditions people with disabilities are treated in Nigeria, but he was denied. (Link below on how the disabled are treated in Nigeria)

Francis has no criminal record and has been compliant with ICE officials. 

Join us in telling ICE officials and elected officials that the deportation of Francis Anwana would be inhumane. To deport him would mean taking him from the resources and community where he has been allowed to flourish, only to release him into an environment in which he would not be able to receive proper medical care and treatment. Deportation would mean treating his disability as a crime. 

Please sign and share our petition to help Francis remain in the USA.