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Residents & fans for economic development at Buzzard Point

Uniting the District behind the Mayor’s “One City” vision means accentuating and supporting the things that unite us.

For over 16 years, D.C. United has helped unite the District with its play on the field and service in the community. Development of a soccer stadium at Buzzard Point helps keep D.C. United.

A soccer stadium at Buzzard Point means:

* Jobs and economic growth through construction, retail, and services for a part of town that has too often been forgotten.

* More than just soccer. A stadium would not only host D.C. United and international soccer matches, it could also host high school and college sporting events and community/cultural festivals.

* Economic development done right. Developers would seek community involvement through out process and D.C. United has an unwavering commitment to the community through its many outreach programs such as United Builds, United Read, United Drives and United Soccer Club.

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