It is unacceptable to use local animal cruelty activities as a selling point for properties. Property agents should accept the horrendous suffering caused to wildlife in hunting and coursing and exclude all references to these bloodsports from their listings.

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I appeal to you to stop using animal cruelty activities as a selling point for properties.

It is in very poor taste to describe properties on your website as being close to hunting or coursing clubs.

Perhaps you are not aware of the suffering caused to Irish wildlife by these abhorrent practices. Foxes are chased to exhaustion and torn apart by packs of hounds. If the foxes manage to escape underground, they are mercilessly dug out with spades and killed. In coursing, hares are used as lures for greyhounds. When hit by the dogs, the terrified hares suffer agonising injuries such as broken bones and dislocated hips. See for video evidence.

Please remember that a majority of people are opposed to animal cruelty and that advertising properties in terms of hunting and coursing is likely to prove very off-putting to many potential buyers/renters.

Show compassion for Irish wildlife and immediately adopt a policy of disallowing any reference to hunting or coursing on your site.

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