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Keep Benefits for Same-Sex Partners of University Employees!

The Michigan legislature has added an amendment to its education funding bill that would deprive universities of 5% of its state funding if they provide benefits to the same-sex partner of an employee. Tell the governor and legislature to reject the bill until the amendment is removed.

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Michigan State House
Michigan State Senate
Michigan Governor
I have recently read that the Michigan state legislature has voted to include an amendment to the education funding bill that would eliminate 5% of state funds to universities that provide benefits to the same-sex partner of university employees. This is a mistake, and I strongly encourage you to reject this attempt to further oppress the LGBT community.

This amendment has nothing to do with fiscal responsibility. The money is simply diverted. The only thing this amendment does is punish universities that want to recruit the best and brightest and treat all of its employees fairly. This amendment further entrenches the second-class status of LGBT people in the state. This is a punitive measure only. Not only will LGBT people be harmed, but Michigan university students as well. Please reject this discriminatory measure.

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