Raise Awareness to Recycling Lights through the Green Lights Initiative!

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Recycling has always been an important part in helping preserve our environment. From paper to plastic, recycling is a common practice that many people around the world participate in. However, not everyone is aware that you can also recycle your used lights, and millions upon millions of bulbs alone end up in landfills each year. In the case of CFLs and fluorescent lights (which contain the toxic chemical mercury), tossing them in the trash is not only harmful to our health and the environment, but also illegal in some circumstances.

The Green Lights Initiative is aimed to educate the public about recycling lighting. It stems from LEDtronics commitment to help the environment and leave a better planet for generations to come. At the center of our initiative is our petition. The more people that sign this petition, the more awareness we have spread. That is the ultimate goal of this initiative.

The success of this initiative grows with how much awareness is spread! To show your support, you can help by signing this petition and sharing it with all your friends and family. If we can reach 3,000 signatures, LEDtronics will donate $2,500 to the nonprofit organization Keep America Beautiful on America Recycles Day, November 15!

Help us make a difference! Encourage everyone to Be bright—recycle lights!