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I think this post sums it up perfectly:

"I just want to start this off with I'm really sorry for hiding this for a while. I've been a little scared to admit it, and I guess now is the time to do so.
I'm leaving DeviantArt. My parents do not want me on the site anymore, and I'm really scared to disagree with them. I've already been walking a thin wire with rules and stuff, and it just now, finally, snapped. I'm not going to disappear off the face of the Internet, but I will be moving to a different site. Probably for a good while, and if not, forever.
I've been thinking about Tumblr. Now, I'm super super scared to move, since dA has been my literal HOME for over 2 years, and I'm afraid that I'm not going to be able to pick myself up from the fall. Tumblr is a place where everyone always seems so serious about their art, and it always looks so nice, and so professional. Then I look over at my art, which isn't the best, not in any way. I'm terrified that I won't be able to make it there and that I'll end up sinking into a deeper depression that I won't be able to recover from. I'm someone who NEEDS feedback. Be it a comment, a favorite, a follow or watch, anything. I CAN'T be ignored when it comes to my art. I'm just.. ugh, it's kinda hard to explain. It might come from being ignored (art-wise) by my parents.
Alright, story time about that actually. A few years ago, probably about 5 years ago, I went to show my dad something I was SUPER proud of at the time. I showed it to him, CLEARLY SUPER EXCITED AND PROUD OF IT, and he goes, "Wow, that's nice but I don't like how *insert smth I was proud of* looks." And the way that he looked at me made me feel like he didn't ACTUALLY care, he was just saying it to get me out of his face. That moment has stuck with me since. I WANT people to be proud of me. I WANT people to look at my work and say, "Hey, this is real cool! But you could work on..." But I don't want to be ignored, to be pushed away like I'm nothing.
I want to be cared about, and I'm real unsure if Tumblr can do that for me. I'm so scared about it. Everything there seems really upbeat, and the trends there are NOT what I personally enjoy or care about.
And that's another thing. You want to know why Crashing Down and my characters are so dark and edgy? Because I'M dark and edgy, and that's something that, apparently, makes my parents TERRIFIED of me. They look at my characters and ASSUME that I've always been this happy-go-lucky person all my life and that I've changed because of this site. "DeviantArt's been influencing you! No more of it! We're cancelling all your comics! No more talking to your friends!!"
My discord friends, my friends here on dA. Everyone. I'm being cut off, and I'm not fucking happy about that. I'm fucking pissed about that.
Also, yep. Before you ask, Crashing Down, SADFF, the works, are all being cancelled and put a stop to. I'm HUGELY INSULTED AND UPSET about this, actually, and I may end up disobeying my parents on this one. I may continue CD on a separate site. Fuck their rules. I've been working on CD and my characters for over 2 years, and it's NOT FAIR of them to just put a stop to it. They don't even know the full story. "But but but, it's dark and edgy and everyone dies and everyone swears and-!!" No. That's wrong. I've actually MODIFIED the damn thing FOR MY PARENTS' LIKING. I've left out parts that were originally in the comic, I've toned down some of the blood and gore, and I've made the 'depression' as timid as I could. I LITERALLY CHANGED THE ENDING FOR THEM. But I'm NOT changing MY fucking characters just so my parents can show other people my work openly and be like, "Oh wow, our daughter is really happy and has these wonderful characters!! Ain't that precious??" Fuck that. I'm keeping Crash, the edge master, and I'm not changing the story anymore. FNAF is not sunshine and rainbows, people. I'm done dealing with people who think otherwise. I'm done dealing with parents who want me to be happy all the time and talk to 'real people'. You guys ARE real people and I trust and love every single one of you with all of my heart. I honestly believe that I have a stronger connection with you guys than my actual IRL family. Which is why I'm terrified of leaving here.
Imagine being pulled away from someone you love and care about for who knows how long, with no way to be able to contact them or talk to them. And then imagine being thrown into a place that you never really wanted to move or go to, and being trapped there. Yeah, sounds like Fredbear, huh. Definitely not based on how I feel with my family, nooooo.... But seriously, it's not okay what they're doing. I don't think that they realize how much my art and my friends and this website means to me.

I'm mad, I'm scared, I'm upset. I don't want to leave. I don't want my comics, that I work SO HARD ON, to disappear.

I'm really sorry. I wish I could fix this.
I don't think I can."

- AccidentlyForgotten

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