Stop the cancellation of the German Minor at Keene State

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The German program at Keene State is incredibly important to any number of our students. Just last year we had roughly twenty students sign up for the German minor, not just the class, but the MINOR program. (Note; there isn't even a German major offered to us.)

Firstly, it should be noted that Keene State is widely known for its Holocaust Studies program, which coincides with the German program. This is not the only program that German classes overlap with. The Music department also requires their students to take a language course and German is one of, if not the top choice for many of these students.

In addition to this, Keene NH has a sister city which is located in Germany. In Keene's exchanges with Einbeck, hosts will greet visitors from our city in English -- just to be polite. I wonder how many of our students are able to speak even a few words in German as it is? Well, the answer will be even fewer without this program. 

German is also confirmed as the most widely spoken language in Europe and Germany's economy is ranked as the 5th strongest in the world, and also the second largest export nation in the world. German businesses earn 1 in 3 euros through export, and 1 in 4 jobs depends on exports. The competitiveness and desirability of German products on the market are indicated by the country’s substantial trade surplus, which reached 162 billion euros (209 billion dollars) in 2006 and continues to grow every year.

Aside from the business and economic aspect, Germany is also rich with artistic and cultural heritage. Did you know that 1 in 10 books in the world is published in German? 

Learning German opens up so many opportunities for students. Recently a KSC German student was selected for the prestigious Congress-Bundestag Scholarship for Young Professionals, which gave him the opportunity to study at a German University, as well as do an internship in a German business. Next year, four students minoring in German, are heading to Germany and Austria for a semester. One of them will be studying architecture in Berlin. Dreams coming true and professional preparation for a wealth of careers, all enhanced by German language study.

This program is incredibly important to all the students involved in it. Just sit in on a German class at Keene State some time and you will see how excited and engaged we are to learn this language. 

Not only are we passionate about German, but we work hard at what we do. Just last semester a group of Keene's German students competed in the 38th Annual German Theatrefest at Mt. Holyoke College and won second place, missing first prize by only 5 points!

Please sign this petition in order to show your support for our language department, our education, and our passion.


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