KDMC please Reconstruct Patripul by Ganeshotsav 2019

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Patri Pul was a 104 Yr. old bridge and was constructed in Kalyan during the British Raj. It is one of the only two bridges that connect Kalyan West to Kalyan East, not just Kalyan east but it also connects Kalyan to Dombivli and Navi Mumbai.

After the Parel Railway Bridge Stampede, Patri Pul's structural audit was conducted and the Auditing report suggested for immediate closure of the bridge in July.

KDMC took prompt action on the suggestion and closed the Bridge for traffic. And the traffic was diverted to parallel Tisai Bridge, which is a two lane bridge.

Here's when chaos began. After closing the bridge, traffic condition on this heavy traffic road got worse and during peak it takes around 30 mins to go across the bridge. 

Still the residents waited patiently until November 2018, when finally the bridge was brought down in hope that the construction for the new bridge will start soon, but to our dismay it is has been almost a year with no sight of construction to start.

While we appreciate the work done by Thane Traffic police in managing the bridge's traffic in a very efficient manner, but yet we are let down by KDMC and MSRDC who are yet to start construction of the bridge.

More than a complaint, this petition acts as a request for earliest reconstruction of 'Patri Pul' so that we can avoid the daily traffic woes that leads to mental-frustration, heavy financial and time loss.


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In hope of a better Kalyan City.

- Humans of Kalyan